Friday, February 20, 2015

picture talking : letting go

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"letting go"

today is the day
when i learn to let go
and promise myself
to start things anew

i'm gonna leave all behind
and never look back
take the lessons with me
but carry not the regrets

i can't turn back the time
and i can't make you change your mind
what's done is done
and i will make peace with that

let me now take
one step at a time
for what the future holds i don't really know
but what yesterday offered i already knew by heart

goodbye, my love
once upon a time i so love you
and although my love might still remain
i should carry on and forget the memories

thanks for being part of me
all the hurts.. all the pains..
also things that made me smile
i would treasure them always


sabtu 21/2 (10:06 am)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Picture Talking : Spending Time With You

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picture sharing from FB

"Spending Time With You"


Do you know that I always love spending time with you? Just looking at your kind face makes me feel peaceful. Being around you makes me feel safe.

I know at times I make mistakes and I'll probably still make them for the rest of my life, but you never scold me, not ever once. All you do is take my hand and lead me to my bedroom, you ask me to sit down and then you sit beside me. I was so scared that you would be mad at me. But you were silence for a moment and the first thing that came out of your mouth was, "What do you think you did wrong, Child?" then I burst into tears while you gave me a friendly pat on my shoulder.

I'm a naughty kid, I know I am, Grandpa.. Mom and Dad always say so, and so do my teachers, what's worse is that my friends follow their examples and start call me names. But I didn't mean to be naughty, Grandpa, I don't, I swear I don't. But it's just that.. at times my good intentions bring me bad results and people take it the wrong way.

But since the talk we had in my bedroom, Grandpa, I try my best to be good, cause I don't want you to be sad. I know you're sad, Grandpa, you need not to tell me that cause I can see it in your eyes. And I don't want you to be sad, Grandpa, especially not because of me. I want to make you proud, Grandpa, yes, I do.

So, Grandpa, please stay awhile. Please be well again. Give me time to prove that I can be good, I can make you smile. I can make you be the proudest Grandpa in the world when you introduce me to your friends.

I love you, Grandpa, I do. Please don't leave me. I want to spend more time with you. I like having you around. I like listening to your stories. I like getting to know more about Grandma from the stories you tell me.

I'll make you another cup of tea with a drop of rose oil, just the way you like it, Grandpa. And we will split the chicken pie in half and begin our tea party again, like we used to.

Do you remember all those moments, Grandpa? I do, because those are my treasure moments and I don't want them to end, Grandpa. I want to have more time to spend with you.

Please, Grandpa, please, open your eyes. I hate it when your eyes are close like this and you don't respond to anything I say. Don't say goodbye to me just yet, Grandpa. Not now, not ever. I don't want to lose you, Grandpa. Sleep well now, Grandpa. And may tomorrow those two wonderful grey eyes will meet mine.

I love you, Grandpa.

Wednesday 14/11 (8:54 am)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Picture Talking : The Opposite World

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"The Opposite World"

Like the sun in a shiny day
That's what you are to me
So bright and lightens up the room
The minute you walk in

Unlike me, the cold of the night
That gives you chill
And makes you want to zip your jacket
To keep your body warm

You're a chattery box
Anything can make you talk
Everything seems to amuse you
You can always find the bright side of the night

While me on the other hand
Attract to the dark side of the day
Many things makes me depressed
Like a giant hole that consume my energy

The light of the day
The daughter of the sun
A merrily companion
That's what they say about you

Do you know what they call me?
The son of the dark
The shadow of the night
A gloomy soul

You're on the up
I'm in the down
You always smile
I never forget to frown

So how come the universe
Joins their forces
To make our paths crossed
And collide our world together?

Don't they know snow melts under the sun?
Don't they know fire died with water?
Don't they know left can never be right?
Don't they know?

How can they expect us to unite?
We'll hurt each other
Even when we don't intend to
Nature just doesn't want to bless you and me

I can only see you from afar
Afraid I might have hurted you
If I come any closer
So I keep my safe distance

Tonight I will look at the sky closely
To the falling stars I will make a wish
May one day there will be no more you or me
For together we will be one

Thu 1/11 (6:12 pm)


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Picture Talking : Farewell

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I should have known
From the very beginning
That you were too good to be true

But again and again
I always made the same mistake
For falling in love with a guy like you

You, with your sweet words
Always seem to know 
How to warm my heart

Your gentle touch
Manage to Calm me down
Even when you said things I didn't like

My mom always told me
To trust my instinct
But your presence put off my guards

I fell into your trap 
Without even realizing it was there
Since I met you

I was too blind to see
Blinded by the love I felt
Until it was all too late

My heart had been broken again
Into million pieces that made me wonder
Would I ever make it whole again one day?

After days of arguing between my head and my heart
I decided to leave you
Carried on with what was left of me

It's so hard not to look back
Even when I know you won't even be there
To tell me not to go

Such a lonely road I need to travels
To the unknown world I will finally be
Farewell, Love

Perhaps we'll meet again in another world
But as for the rest of this life
I sincerely hope to never meet you again

Wed 31/10 (3:03 pm)


Picture Talking : Taking Chances

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"Taking Chances"

There were times in my life
When I used to believe
That chances only came once in a lifetime
When I missed them, I would never get any other

And the one I wanted so badly
Had passed me by 
Without giving me an opportunity
To give my best 

I was down for so long
Thought my chance was over
That it was the end for me
I could never walk this road any longer

Then the wind of change blows my way
Sweeps away all things I have
And leave me nothing to hold on to
Nothing to make me stay

That is when I finally see
Another chance creeps in
A new land awaits me across the sea
And it's now up to me

Will I step forward?
Will I cross the bridge?
Will I move on without looking back?
This is it, now is the right time..

All my yesterdays have gone
And tomorrows I might never see
I know not for sure what the future brings over there
But I can predict how it'd be like if I stay here

And on that bridge now I'm standing
Keeping my balance so I won't fall
It feels scary at times
Especially when the wind blows hard

But as I move my feet inch by inch
I have a better vision of the place I'm coming to
It's brighter, it's fresher
And I can feel enthusiasm fill my heart again

For the first time after such a long time
I smile, a smile that comes from the heart
I know it now I can make it through
And chances will always come again even after I missed one

But this time I won't take it for granted
I grab it fast, I hold it tight
Welcome me
Into the new world of reality of dreams

Wed 31/10 (2:46 pm)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picture Talking : Chibi

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Chibi, the red-haired girl I was once knew
Her big blue eyes always wondered
And her favourite question was, "What if there's a life out there?"

We always laughed when she began questioning like that
For most of us had lived here all our lifes
And never had any intention to venture out

"No, Chibi," had become the most common answer
Usually continued with, "Even if there is one, it's not for you to find out!"
And she would stare at us without saying anything

One fateful day finally came the thing we feared the most
Chibi went missing and it had been more than 24 hours
But there was no sign of her coming back

The whole village started searching for her
We called out her names and tried to listen for an answer
But there was only silence that replied

Stars in, stars out, we never got tired
To find our dearest little girl
Moons had passed us by but Chibi was nowhere to be seen

For once in our small little mind
We began to wonder if she was right
What if there was really a life out there?

What could a little girl do to survive the wilderness?
The worst scenario crossed the mind
Our head dropped in despair of the little girl's fate

Chibi, my dearest little Chibi
If you're still alive out there
Please come back home

We miss you much
We miss you badly
Come back to us and don't ever leave again!

Wed 31/10 (1:39 pm)


Picture Talking : Today Is A New Day

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"Today Is A New Day"

Today is a new day
I will start my day with a smile
And wait eagerly on what's coming next

Today is a new day
Forget all the yesterdays' sorrows
Ready to start anew

I will keep my head up
And won't let myself be down
Because of what others say

Today is a new day
A fresh chapter in my life
I'm the one in charge to make it wonderful

Today is a new day
I will give my best shots
And have no regrets of what have been done

Let the sun shine
And the wind blows
For I will be standing still even after the storm

For today is a new day
A chance for me to begin again
This time with a hopefully different ending

Wed 31/10 (1:16 pm)