Friday, February 20, 2015

picture talking : letting go

picture is taken from here

"letting go"

today is the day
when i learn to let go
and promise myself
to start things anew

i'm gonna leave all behind
and never look back
take the lessons with me
but carry not the regrets

i can't turn back the time
and i can't make you change your mind
what's done is done
and i will make peace with that

let me now take
one step at a time
for what the future holds i don't really know
but what yesterday offered i already knew by heart

goodbye, my love
once upon a time i so love you
and although my love might still remain
i should carry on and forget the memories

thanks for being part of me
all the hurts.. all the pains..
also things that made me smile
i would treasure them always


sabtu 21/2 (10:06 am)

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